About Us

About Us

N8 TRUCKING INC. started in 2022 with the purchase of a single truck. NATHANIAL A GORDON business vision was to start out on his own in 2022 and he did just that. Today, MR. GORDON carriers freight from Northern California to the East Coast. For over 10 years, MR. GORDON has been trucking with larger companies and in 2022 made that bold move to step out on his own with the dream of becoming the largest trucking company in America.


We Are In The Process Of Developing Our Own Electric Trucks And Environment-Friendly Trailers.

N8 Trucking is a with trusted name with major transportation companies such as Yeti Freight, Uber Freight, CH Robinson, Convoy, JB Hunt and Many more. We plan to grow over the coming years.


Our vision is to become a global leader in providing the best and most unique Trucking company to improve our client’s productivity and business strength.

Hire Us For

Cost Effective

Safety assurance in operational practices, optimization of the supply chain, and effective maintenance of the equipment are at the base of N8 strategies for cutting costs and investing in the company’s further development to expand our services.

Dispatch Operations

The constant communication with the drivers assures quick scheduling of roadside service, successful safety monitoring, real-time updates on the delivery status together with the driver compliance.


N8 quality is reflected by the reliable service we provide our customers. Our fleet and our drivers must meet strict standards to serve our customers best.